Vacation Spots In West Virginia

west virginia

West Virginia is undoubtedly one of the best places to enjoy a relaxing vacation. Apart from the fact that it is mountainously beautiful, the place is serene with a tranquil environment that will allow you and your family to relax and enjoy a peaceful atmosphere away from home. You are sure to find exciting vacation spots in West Virginia.

The city holidays of West Virginia will lure you to overstay your vacation. Once there, you will feel as though you will not go back home and wish that you would stay there forever. Charleston for example is one place where hospitality and a good locality are blend and interwoven together to produce a town that you will love to remember. It is located near the river giving you an awesome opportunity to hear the river waters sweetly flow along its course. It also has Bridge Road shopping complex where one can do shopping and dine from the posh restaurants available.

Hinton would be another beautiful town that you would love touring. It is a historic rail town with houses built in the most amazing architecture. Looking at these houses, you will not help admiring and acknowledging the creative artwork that must have been used in constructing them. The place really has a captivating aesthetic appeal. Apart from the state-of-the-art buildings in this town, you will be fascinated by the exciting activities done here. They include: fishing, rafting and kayaking. Who would not love engaging in such activities laden with fun and delight in such nice vacation spots in West Virginia?

Summersville is also one of the exciting vacation spots in West Virginia. It is popularly known as the mountain water playground’ since it is situated in the lake region. From its strategic location, people finding it fun to do swimming, boating, rafting and most of all scuba diving!

West Virginia is surely your dream vacation country. It also has a rich history that you would love hearing from the elderly natives. History has it for example that the place had most of its people involved in Civil wars. Informative and interesting evidence about this can be found in historic sites and state parks. The place is also ideal for hiking and horse back riding. Indeed vacation spots in West Virginia are really interesting!